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Spiddal Sessions YouTube

Davy Rogers, Architect - website - Rogers Associates Architects & Designers



Website of my old friend (5-string banjo player & luthier) Phil Davidson who makes banjos and many other types of fine fretted instruments. He made my prized short-necked brass tone ring tenor banjo and has modified and personalised several
other of my mandola type instruments. A remarkable craftsman.

The Session

This website allows the exchange of tunes. By joining The Session you can pass on jigs, reels & other dance tunes,
submit tunes, recordings & links, add your comments, & get regular email updates.

The home of celtic music on the internet, since 1994. Ceolas houses the largest online collection of information on celtic music, and has links to hundreds of related sites.


Custom fitted fibreglass instrument cases are rugged, well balanced and attractive hard shelled cases with interiors tailored to each instrument. Each half of every case is hand moulded in a single piece, using pigmented resin, with no seams to separate and colour that is integral to the fibreglass. Careful attention is paid to the placement of the leather handle in order to provide the optimum in comfort and balance.
I heartily endorse and recommend these fine cases -
These are definitely a must for any travelling musician - Davy Rogers
The OLGA On-Line Guitar Archive

All of the files in the OLGA archive were sent in by OLGA users just like you - if something you want isn't in the archive, tab it out and send it in!

This is the best online archive of TABs that I have found.

If you can't find the tune or song that you are searching for here,
I very much doubt that you will find it anywhere
- Davy Rogers

Excellently well produced
Irish Music Magazine's website

Impressively put together LINKS pages

An on-line magazine which covers Irish music, rock, trad, pop - the whole spectrum of Ireland's music, worldwide, from Van Morrison to Clannad.
This free resource is updated daily with new info.
Listen to hundreds of music samples that are linked to globally across the web with the fabulous jukebox

OAC is a new institute for higher education catering for students of all aspects of Irish tradition, history and literature. In addition to the weekend courses already in train they are organising summer schools and full semester courses for undergraduates and will also provide facilities for post-graduate research.
OaC is based in Miltown Malbay, the birthplace of the renowned uilleann piper, Willie Clancy and home to the Willie Clancy Summer School.

Oidhreacht an Chláir Teo. (OAC) is a community-based company formed to promote the study of the culture of County Clare. It is a company limited by guarantee, not having a share capital. The directors of the company bring a wide range of expertise, talents and interests to the project. Many of them are educationalists and all of them have been involved in the promotion of traditional culture, arts, language and literature for many years at local, national and international levels.
The aim of OaC is to foster and promote the Irish traditional arts in their native environment.

promoting Irish Traditional Music and dance in all its forms
Richard Moon's TUNEdb. Traditional music database. Largest collection of traditional tunes on the internet.
You can search the database of traditional tunes and store your tune information for the benefit of all.
Many useful links here from the great singer, guitarist, &  website designer Dick Gaughn. Well worth a visit.
With about 9000 songs in the Digital Tradition Database, you're sure to find what you're looking for. And if you don't find what you're looking for in the DT db, try browsing, or posting to the Forum. Odds are your question will be answered within hours.
TablEdit's free Tablature Archive
THE place to be to download free TABs in all genres
McIlroy Guitars
Belfastman Dermot McIlroy was trained as a guitar maker under the well known George Lowden
and Japanese luthier Micky Uchida and makes wonderful guitars.
Banjo & folk music shop
established 1979
Former All-Ireland banjo champion Anthony ("Sully") Sullivan's website. 
Many types of sheet music, tutor books, banjos, banjo and guitar accessories available.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for mail order supplies, and much more.

AMISTAR "Fine Reso-Phonic Guitars" Since 1992 Handmade in the Czech Republic
Prague makers of Dobro type reso-phonic guitars at very reasonable prices. I play a timber-bodied model. D.R.

Tom Cussens from Clarinbridge, Co. Galway, Ireland - maker of fine banjos - his website


Makers of very high quality, excellent sounding guitars

An entertaining and amusing whistle web site run by the undisputed King of Internet whistle journalism Dr. Dale Wisely.
The site is regularly updated.
well presented ABC and manuscript (.GIF) searchable tune archive

GuitarSeek maintains a database that indexes the

20000 guitar tabs files stored in the OLGA mirror.

ll tab files are the transcribers' interpretation of the song

is a multi-media reference archive and resource centre for the traditional song, music and dance of Ireland
Steve McWilliams A fellow tabber's website with FULL instructions on how to read TAB
El McMeen
A fantastic celtic fingerstyle guitarist and fellow arranger of celtic tunes.
Art Edelstein
Fingerstyle guitarist and author of "Fair Melodies - Turlough O'Carolan: An Irish Harper
[book with accompanying 21 track CD] Thanks for sending me a copy Art.

Steve Baughman
Guitarist and exponent of the "Orkney" guitar tuning (CGDGCD) with which I am currently experimenting and discovering possibilities)

The Official Pierre Bensusan's Website
Frenchman Pierre is an incredibly good exponent of the DADGAD guitar tuning. Check out his wonderful recordings.

Pat Kirtley
Another cealtic music for fingerstyle guitar website.
Pat Simmonds
A fiddle and guitar playing and composer friend's website. Kiwi Pat now lives in Toronto.
Barry Taylor
Over 500 trad. Irish, Scottish, English, Welsh tunes well arranged in  MIDI format.
Ceolas - The Fiddlers Companion
Over 30,000 tunes listed. An admirable encyclopaedic offering
Celtic Banjo Site.           The undisputed home of the tenor banjo
The Virtual Tunebook
Only 87 tunes (the last time I looked) neatly categorised & with sound clips & MSS
Hal Lowe
Guitar TABs and lessons web pages. Many interesting links here
Jimmy Crowley
Cork singer and multi-instrumentalist Jimmy's website
All TABs
Music Tablature website run by another Jim Crowley (not the one in the above link)
Open Ear Productions
Music production, recording and manufacturing based in Kinvara, Co. Galway
BMG Banjo-Mandolin-Guitar Federation
exists to promote the performance & education of banjo, mandolin & guitar
The Living Tradition
is one of the largest sites covering the Folk & Traditional Music of the British Isles, Ireland and
what is often called 'Celtic' music. Site is provided by The Living Tradition magazine.
Andy Irvine
The Official Site by Andy himself - nice homely feel to it too - info on tunings & string gauges
Martin Simpson 
The Official WEB Site
John Renbourn
The Official WEB Site
The Official WEB Site
Martyn Wyndham-Read
The man and his music
endorsed by Dr. Mick Moloney small but growing weekly free tune resource with MIDI files
Tony McManus
"The best Celtic guitarist in the world" (John Renbourn)
TradMusic dot com
he name speaks for itself
Henrik Norbeck's ABC Tunes
Large archive containing 1000's of Celtic tunes in ABC notation format
ABC Homepage
Homepage of ABC. All the info you need to use the ABC musical notation language
Photos of Irish musicians
by Tony Kearns (a solid man!).  Official chronicler of the Willie Clancy Week.

Pay The Reckoning
Aidan Crossey's Irish mandolin website and music from Blythe Hill Tavern, Catford, London

 TabHeaven - Heaven for Guitar Players
kinds of TABs here
Frank Kilkelly

"Accompanying Irish Music on Guitar"

A must read book for all guitarists who want to improve their backing style/s. Frank's well thought-out and presented guide to the accompaniment of Irish dance music on guitar is the new, comprehensive guide for guitar players everywhere.  A range of four different tunings is covered, along with suggestions on right hand styles suited to each tuning. There is also a great CD which comes with the book with Alan Kelly and Eilish O'Connor playing (tunes featured in the book) with and without the guitar accompaniment. The CD has great stereo separation. A very reasonably priced work.

Highly recommended by Davy Rogers

Irish Music Tutor Web Site

The One Irish Music Tutor Book for All The Family

The website of Owen Hackett ~ Irish Banjo Player (composer of the jig "Tommy Hackett's Dream")

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